Search for a post office

Look for a post office that performs the service of buying or selling cryptocurrencies marked with the Crypto Center logo on an interactive map or search for the desired post offices at

How can I buy cryptocurrencies

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies, you need to tell the employee at the counter in the post office the desired cryptocurrency and the amount in Croatian kuna.

  1. The employee will ask you for an email address where you will receive a code to claim your cryptocurrency
  2. Follow the detailed instructions of the buy process on the coupon.
  3. Once you have entered the correct email code and the appropriate wallet address on the Bitcoin mjenjačnica website, your cryptocurrency will be sent!

How can I sell cryptocurrencies

If you want to sell cryptocurrencies, communicate to the employee the amount of the desired cryptocurrency.

  1. The employee will ask for your email address and will give you a coupon with instructions on the sales process
  2. Within 15 minutes, send the agreed amount of cryptocurrency to the requested wallet address and wait for the email about the transaction confirmation
  3. Claim the cash from the employee!

For a simple visual representation of the buying and selling process, watch our animated tutorial video!