In which post offices can I sell cryptocurrency?

The service is available in 55 post offices throughout the Republic of Croatia. You can see the list of branches here.

Which cryptocurrencies can I buy or sell at the post office?

You can currently sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM) and EOS, USDC, Tether USDT, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI for cash at post offices.

What is the process of selling cryptocurrencies at the post office?

Upon arrival at the post office counter, it is necessary to request a cryptocurrency redemption service. There you will present your ID card or passport and e-mail address and tell the Croatian Post employee the amount of cryptocurrency (or kuna) you want to exchange. After that, the employee will issue you a coupon with the address to which you will send the cryptocurrency from your cryptocurrency wallet. You will receive an email notification when the transaction has been successfully completed and your cash is ready for collection.

Once the transaction has been successfully sent, you can return to the post office and withdraw your cash with the same coupon and identification document. Depending on the cryptocurrency you use, the whole process can take up to half an hour, but is usually done within minutes.

What is the process of buying cryptocurrencies at the post office?

The client communicates the desired cryptocurrency or kuna amount and fiat currency at the post office counter. The client pays the employee a cash amount and receives a coupon with detailed instructions for collecting the desired cryptocurrency. The first part of the code is written on the coupon, and the second part of the code will be sent to the e-mail address. The client must enter both codes on the EC’s web address and thus initiate the sending of cryptocurrency to his own mobile wallet. EC customer support contacts are available to the client and can be used to help with this process.

Is this service anonymous?

No. You will need to present your ID or passport at the counter.

Are there limits on the sales amount at the post office?

Within 24 hours you can sell cryptocurrencies in the total amount of HRK 14,999.99.

Can I receive EUR or another fiat currency instead of HRK at the post office?

No, it is possible to only receive kuna (HRK).

How is this tax resolved?

You will receive cash at the post office counter and it is up to you to report all your cash income to the competent Tax Administration according to the currently valid rules, which you can examine at the following links:



We recommend that you consult a qualified accountant, tax advisor or directly with the relevant Tax Administration for information on tax payments.

How much time do I have to send cryptocurrencies to the specified address after I receive the coupon at the counter?

The transaction must be visible online within 15 minutes.

Can I send cryptocurrencies from my account on a cryptocurrency exchange?

No. Please use only personal cryptocurrency wallets, ideally on your mobile phone. Exchanges and similar services do not send the transaction immediately, and sometimes do not even send the exact amount (they have exit fees). If the transaction is not visible online within 15 minutes, you will need to contact Electrocoin for a refund once the transaction is visible.

What if I send too little or too much cryptocurrency in relation to the amount on the coupon?

If you send less than the amount on the coupon, the transaction will automatically be adjusted to the amount actually sent and you will simply be paid a smaller kuna amount. If you send too much, you will be paid the kuna amount you originally requested, and the excess cryptocurrency will be returned to the cryptocurrency address of your choice. You will need to contact Electrocoin customer service to let us know your return address.

We recommend that you use a mobile cryptocurrency wallet and scan the QR code on the coupon, ensuring that all amounts are correct and the transaction is sent on time.

Who can I contact in case of problems or questions about the transaction?

You can contact Electrocoin customer service:

E-mail: info@bitcoin-mjenjacnica.hr

SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram: +385 91 981 2643 (messages only)

Skype: bitcoin-mjenjacnica